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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Military retirement divorce adultery

Instructions and Help about Military retirement divorce adultery

Military retirement and divorce can be an intimidating topic but I am going to teach you about it in some simple terms today now if you're getting divorced then you probably know every single thing in your marital and separate estate is going to be divided the car the house the accounts the investments the stuff in the house all of that has to go to one party or the other and that includes one of the more complex things that can be divided in a divorce which is your military pension so when you divide a military pension how much does your former spouse get which is the wife in this example how much do you is the service member get to keep so here's a visual aid we've got this tank that's that represents you starting in the military and continuing on your timeline as you proceed through the military started in October 1st of 2022 I'm line and as you have proceeded in life in 2022 you get married and you continue to be married to your spouse until October 30th of 2022 when you get divorced but you continue to be in the military until December 1st of 2022 the only part of your military pension in this hypothetical that will be divided is the part of the timeline where you were married the part before you were married from 2022 until 2022 and after you were married from 2022 to 2022 is separate property in Texas so the only part that is going to be divided the part that you're the right will get a percentage of is that middle part during the marriage and she will negotiate with you or the court will decide on how much that portion will be very typically it is third it is 50% in Texas but that is negotiable up to 50% now we've got this time line in the lower left-hand corner that we used we know that the pink part is the part that's awarded to both husband and wife during a divorce case the green parts are separate property so 100% of those are going to go to a husband but the pink part how is that divided because if wife gets 50% of it well what what amount is that though in in dollars month by month what is why it's going to get and in order to figure that out there is a formula that has to be applied which is also used in your military domestic relations order at the finalization of this divorce in other words during your divorce case your attorney is going to collect several specific pieces of information about you the date that you entered military the date that you were married the date how much money you're receiving monthly your so your last 36 lbs statements and use all of those numbers to calculate this formula to the extent possible then the formula is going to.


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Do barracks bunnies actually exist in the army? What was your "point of no return" with your ex? What are some unbelievable facts about India very few know? I found out my now ex husband started dating while we were legally separated. He got his girlfriend pregnant right before our divorce was final. He’s enlisted in the military. Can I get him in trouble and kicked out now for adultery? What is the most shocking statement your ex-spouse made about you during or after your divorce? What is it called when you leave the military after active duty? Was the U.S. Army right to give a dishonorable discharge to the West Point grad who openly supported communism? My husband is in the military and is cheating on me with another military person. What will happen to him if I report it to the military? What is Augustus Caesar remembered for?
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