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Is military retirement pay considered alimony Form: What You Should Know

Bills of sale of property, or interest therein. Cancellation of a contract or agreement for the sale of property. Contracts for insurance under the National Fireman's Back Pay Fund; State and local, and Federal Firemen's. Deductible alimony paid under Section 71(b) of the Internal Revenue Code. Deductions against military retirement pay. Alimony paid for any work performed during the support period, or under a written or oral plan of support. Deductions for the non-cash portion of military retirement pay under Section 7531 (e)(1), (e)(2), and (e)(3). Deductions from Military Retirement Pay when the pay is ordered converted to a lump sum payment to satisfy a lump sum amount ordered paid by judgment pursuant to Divorce Decree (or other written or oral decision). If a support order is modified, you must submit a separate request to the court for modification of payment. Estate and Gift Taxes When Alimony Is Paid to a Spouse Volumes 1 to 10 Volume 8 Chapter 3 Chapter 16 Volume 6, Chapter 3, Article IV, Part C, Section 8.

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