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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Dfas former spouse

Instructions and Help about Dfas former spouse

That is the uniformed service members former spouse Protection Act which authorizes state courts to divide military retirement benefits in a divorce proceeding the Act caps the recipients spouses retirement benefits at 50% of disposable earnings the Act also provides for the manner in which payment will be made post divorce in the event that marriages of 10 years or longer the recipient spouse will receive payment directly from DFS and Cleveland if the marriages is of shorter than 10 years duration the recipient spouse will be relied upon the service member to remit payment each month it also provides for a cap if there is both an alimony and a child support garnishment in place the garnishment will be capped at 65% of disposable pay you.


How can I find out if my husband has actually filed for a divorce?
Court will send summons to your address through their office server.Court will attempt few times to your address. If you are residing at that address and rejected it, the same will be noted and the Divorce case will proceed without your presence (ex-parte). If you don’t live at that address, Court will ask the Husband to advertise in major publications attempting to reach you. If you are not still reachable, Case will proceed ex-parte.One way to find out if your husband has filed for Divorce is to search in Home - eCourt India Services website. Browse to your district and select “Case Status”. You can search based on your Husband name. Now, you have to make some intelligent guess about which court complex he would be filing in. Normally, that depends on where he resides. So, do some trial and error searches in this page. If he has indeed files for divorce, it will show up here.
How can I fill out a W-4 and taxes if my spouse has an expired visa (undocumented)?
First of all, someone’s visa being expired does not mean they are undocumented. US visas are solely for entry, the visa’s expiration date is the last day one can use that visa to enter the US, it has nothing to do with how long one can stay in the US. One can enter the US on the day the visa expires, and be admitted for months or years afterwards.Second, you fill out your W-4 withholding form based on your marital status and tax situation. Your spouse’s immigration status is not relevant to any part of the W-4 form. And generally, the tax laws apply the same way to people residing in the US, regardless of whether they are documented or undocumented. You and your spouse’s tax returns would be computed and filed the same way regardless of whether you and your spouse are documented or undocumented.
My former boss told me to write a letter of recommendation. Is there a script online where I can just fill out some idea?
Your former boss is unaware of what your new position is, what it is about, and what your new employer will be looking for.Therefore, armed with the knowledge, You will write a letter of recommendation that highlights your experience and expertise that is desired by the new company.Your former boss will then take that, edit it to her/his own words and submit it.There is No script, only what you know about yourself and the new position your are pursuing.Easy.
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