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What you should know about DD Form 2293

  1. DD Form 2293 is used for direct payment from retired pay for property division, child support, or alimony.
  2. The form must be accompanied by all pertinent documentation including a certified court order.
  3. Payment from retired pay must be made from disposable retired pay defined by the statute.

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How to prepare DD Form 2293

Get the DD 2293 on the internet
Utilize your personal computer or mobile phone to open up the form on the internet inside a PDF editor. Click on Get Form to look at the existing edition of the document template.
Fill the sample
Fill out the sample step by step, providing exact info. If there is a signature place, put your signature by drawing or entering it.
E-file the file
It is possible to pass printing and deliver your document online via e-mail. Consult with the respective regulators whether the template is accepted in electronic format.

About Dd 2293

I do not have information about DD Form 2293 because you have not specified the context of the document, such as the issuing agency or the purpose of the form. Please provide more details to give an accurate answer.

People also ask about DD Form 2293

What is the purpose of DD Form 2293?
DD Form 2293 is used for requesting direct payment from retired pay for various reasons such as property division, child support, or alimony.
Where should the completed DD Form 2293 be returned?
The completed form should be returned to the appropriate service address listed on the back.
What is the OMB approval expiration date for DD Form 2293?
The OMB approval for DD Form 2293 expires on April 30, 2023.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing DD Form 2293

Instructions and Help about DD Form 2293

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